Importance of Vitamin C to the Immune System

Do you know that your body uses
“Vitamins C for healing?”
Do you know that
“not taking Vitamin C can be deadly?”


Immunity simply means protection. It is the ability of the cells in a living thing to resist infections from invaders. These invaders can be virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi, protozoa, etc.

The Immune System is the defense system in the body. It comprises of all the organs, vessels and cells responsible for fighting against germs (i.e. body invaders) and protecting the body against infections and diseases. 


Vitamin is a group of organic compound needed by the body in small quantities and they are needed for growth and other body functions like maintaining a healthy system. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin because it ensures that one’s health is in good shape. Vitamin C cannot be produce in the body of human beings, so we depend on plants to get them. 

Supplement like Calgovit Vitamin C is a good supplement for Vitamin C because it contains the required dosage for you as a human being so that you will not abuse it.

The following are the importance of Vitamin C to our immune system:

1)     Healing of Wounds

2)     Aid in the Absorption of iron

3)     Repairs and Maintains Cartilage, Bones and Teeth

4)     Forms an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

5)     Promotion of Healthy Immune System


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