5 Facts About Calcium You Need for a Healthy Life Before we continue, let us answer this question. How much calcium do you need? – See the table below:
Age Male Female Pregnant Lactating 0–6 months* 200 mg 200 mg

7–12 months*

Vitamin C and Exercise

Conversion of Fat into Fuel: Fuel (i.e. energy) is the driving force of any engine including the one in the human body. Without energy, one cannot reach its optimal level while undertaking exercise. Vitamin C is needed in making of the substance called carnitine – which helps in the conversion of fat into energy. Healing of Wound: During exercise, injuries are inevitable. Vitamin C aids in wound healing by helping in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a protein that forms connective tissues and also keeps the skin looking afresh. These tissues, which act as glue, help to maintain the structure of the skin, blood vessels, intestines, ligaments, cartilages and other parts of the body. Collagen is also necessary for replacing dead skin cells. The enzyme needed for the synthesis of collagen cannot function without Vitamin C.
Free Flow of Oxygenated Blood in the Body: The cells in one’s body need oxygen to support one while exercising. Exercises and their impacts are more effective if th…

Importance of Vitamin C to the Immune System

Do you know that your body uses “Vitamins C for healing?” Also Do you know that “not taking Vitamin C can be deadly?”